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About Us

In the late 1990s, a hard-charging Marine met a cerebral Army paratrooper and the two became fast friends. Little did they know this was the beginning of a long-term partnership that would one day lead to the creation of the No. 1 product feeder in the ‘As Seen on TV’ industry.

why paragon products

For Distributors

Partnering with Paragon means: 

1. more hits
2. no hassles
3. partnering with industry leading experts

For Product Sources

The case is even stronger:

1. better odds of success
2. guaranteed payment (in full)
3. zero risk
4. integrity
5. transparency
6. the opportunity to leverage Paragon’s comprehensive resources
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“They continue to impress me.”
“They’re masters in their industry.”

Nick Bolton

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“The experience and knowledge… is absolutely priceless.” “It’s a real pleasure to work with them.”

Ronnie Neville

Is your product a potential ‘As Seen On TV’ Hit?

There’s an average of 6,000 new millionaires created in the USA every day. These are people who did not inherit the money or win the lottery. They created wealth from their ideas – many of them product ideas, some of them ‘As Seen on TV’ product ideas. Does your product idea have what it takes to make you the next ‘As Seen on TV’ millionaire? Find out on our submission page.