Paragon Products’ RoboTwist Completes Its Seventh Year as a Hit DRTV Product


HONG KONG, December 14, 2022 – Paragon Products Ltd. announced today that RoboTwist™, its innovative electric jar opener, just completed its seventh year as a national bestseller. Launched in 2016, the ingenuous hands-free device came out of the gate with strong fourth-quarter sales. That following year, the direct-response television campaign for the product would go on to achieve “Top 50” status, according to independent monitoring firm DRMetrix – and then do so again the year after that.

Distributed in partnership with E. Mishan & Sons (Emson), a leader in the ‘As Seen on TV’ industry since the early 1980s, RoboTwist™ opens any size jar with just the press of a button. Its powerful, vice-like grip automatically twists off even the most stubborn lids, making it a real lifesaver for seniors and other people with limited grip strength.

“In our 11-year history, we’ve launched dozens of successful products and had many chart-topping campaigns,” said Paragon co-founder Bill Quarless, who leads the engineering and manufacturing teams. “But what really surprised me with this product is its sales durability. The fact that we are still talking about this item as a national hit seven years later is something special and rare in our industry.”

Well, perhaps not that rare when it comes to Paragon. The RoboTwist™ is actually the company’s third national rollout to surpass the seven-year milestone. It joins the Bell+Howell® TacLight™ and the TacLantern,™ two of more than a dozen products in the best-selling TAC Brands line.

“All three of these successes were achieved in partnership with Emson, so credit where credit is due,” said Jordan Pine, Paragon’s creative director and co-founder. “Bill’s team produces the best products and my team creates the most compelling commercials, but we couldn’t have done it without Emson’s unique ability to maximize and sustain sales.”

Paragon Products Ltd. ( is a Hong Kong-based firm that specializes in creating hit products and winning commercials for the ‘As Seen on TV’ industry. Founded in 2010 by two US military veterans with deep industry expertise, Paragon has become the No. 1 product feeder to the companies that supply the top national retailers. The company identifies and develops its own items, creates and market tests its own commercials, and then mass produces and supplies these products for its partners.