Paragon Products’ EGG POD Enters Third Summer as Winning Campaign, Passes 125 Weeks on National Hits Chart


HONG KONG , June 15, 2022 –  Paragon Products Ltd. announced today that its Egg Pod™ microwave egg cooker has entered its third summer as a nationally ranked ‘As Seen on TV’ winning campaign, passing 125 weeks on the industry’s gold-standard hits chart.

The Egg Pod™ makes four, perfectly hard-boiled eggs in the microwave in minutes and then also quickly and easily removes the shells with just a few brisk shakes. The patented innovation has met with strong demand, shipping more than one million units in its first year alone. The commercial for the product also rocketed up the charts, eventually breaking into the national top 20 in July of last year, according to hits-chart publisher DRMetrix, an independent monitoring firm.

“We really knocked this one out of the park, and it shows in the way our advertising continues to resonate with consumers this long after it first took off,” said Jordan Pine, Paragon’s creative director and co-founder.

The Egg Pod™ is the latest in a long line of hit products Paragon has launched during its 11-year history. Other well-known successes include the Bell+Howell TacLight™ flashlight and TacLantern™, Sharper Image® OwnZone™ wireless TV headphones, the RoboTwist™ electric jar opener and the Boom Touch™ portable speaker.

“This latest success validates a process we have been perfecting for years,” said co-founder Bill Quarless, who leads the product development and manufacturing teams. “Starting with just a concept, using only our own resources, we were able to create the world’s first-ever egg cooker and peeler in one unit – and consumers love it.”

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