It’s a Hit! Paragon Products Announces National Rollout of Yummy Can Bacon


HONG KONG, June 29, 2022 — What’s fast and yummy and comes in a can? Paragon Products’ latest hit product, that’s what! Called Yummy Can Bacon, the innovative microwave bacon maker has officially entered the national rollout phase, Paragon’s executive team announced today. That means it is now available in major retail stores across the country.

Distributed in partnership with BulbHead Inc., a leader in the ‘As Seen on TV’ industry for more than 35 years, Yummy Can features an iconic red color. As the name suggests, its shape also resembles a can. This unique design is actually a splatter-proof, microwave dome. Pop the top, and it reveals a vertical bacon rack that can cook up to eight pieces of bacon at once and, thanks to a patented valve, it comes out perfect every time. Even better, all the grease and fat drips down and collects neatly in the base for easy disposal later.

“We’re having a great run solving all of America’s kitchen problems,” said Paragon co-founder Bill Quarless, who leads the product development and manufacturing teams. “First, we solved eggs, and now we’re solving bacon. Making breakfast for a busy family has never been easier.”

Yummy Can Bacon™ is the latest in a long line of hit products Paragon has launched during its 11-year history. Its Egg Pod™ microwave egg cooker recently entered its third summer and passed 125 weeks as a nationally ranked ‘As Seen on TV’ winning campaign.

“Innovative products, commercials that sell and enduring partnerships with the best companies in our business – that is our success formula,” said Jordan Pine, Paragon’s creative director and co-founder.

Other well-known Paragon successes include the Bell+Howell TacLight™ flashlight and TacLantern™, RoboTwist™ electric jar opener and Boom Touch™ portable speaker.

Witness the journey of this best-selling TV product from concept to retail shelf.


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